Learn, straight from Ash Maurya, how to go from Plan A to a Plan that Works.

In this online masterclass, you'll learn the methodology of the Lean Startup that will raise your odds of building successful products and teach you how to take the right action at the right time.

Over 30 Lectures & 4.5 Hours
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Most products fail. But the more interesting fact is that, of those that succeed, two-thirds report having drastically changed their plans along the way.

So, what separates successful products is not necessarily that they start with a better initial plan (or Plan A), but rather that they find a plan that works before running out of resources.

Up until now, finding this better Plan B or C or Z has been based more on gut, intuition, and luck. There has been no systematic process for rigorously stress-testing a Plan A.

That is what this Running Lean Master class is about.

This masterclass will teach you a systematic process for iterating from Plan A to a plan that works, before running out of resources.

Taught by Ash Maurya

Author of Running Lean and Founder of Spark59

Running Lean was developed through years of first-hand experiential learning gained from building dozens of products. It is a synthesis of many other methodologies and best practices – three of the most significant being: Lean Startup, Customer Development, and Bootstrapping.

Ash Maurya is praised for offering some of the best and most practical advice out there for entrepreneurs. He has spent the last two years teaching and refining this methodology through numerous workshops around the world in places like Austin, Boston, London, Dublin, Amsterdam, Mexico City, Toronto, Halifax, Montreal, Vancouver, Rio de Janiero, and Sao Paulo.

"Ash has laid out a clear compass for anyone to validate their ideas, solve real problems and create a successful business. I'd encourage Running Lean to anyone trying to get a business off the ground."
- Noah Kagan, Chief Sumo of AppSumo.com

In this masterclass, Ash will show you how he used these principles to:

  • successfully sell and exit his last company
  • launch a number of revenue generating products more quickly than he's ever done before
  • write and self-publish an e-book (on the Running Lean methodology) which has sold over 15,000+ copies and is now published as an O'Reilly business book with over 140 reviews and a five star rating on amazon

Course Details

This masterclass includes 30+ video lectures with over 4.5 hours of content.

What you'll learn

  • Why startups fail?
  • How to find problems worth solving.
  • How to document your business model using a 1-page Lean Canvas.
  • How to systematically test your business model.
  • Plus learn how to idenfity early customers and test pricing.
  • All illustrated with a real product case-study taken from initial ideation to exit.

But, I already have the book...

The content for this course was extracted from one of Ash's popular Running Lean workshops. These workshops were initially created to test the content for the book. But after the book was published, these workshops served as a testing ground for moving the body of work forward with new ideas, tactics, and examples.

"A book, like large software, is never finished - only released."

People who attend these workshops, despite having read the book, consistently rate and recommend this content highly.

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